What Is Health Assessment And How Can It Help You Live Longer

What Is Health Assessment And How Can It Help You Live Longer

A health assessment may be performed to establish a patient’s state of health as well as their physical, social, and psychological functioning. Health assessments are conducted by general practitioners, provided they have rendered health care services to a patient in the preceding 12 months or if they will treat the patient in the following 12 months. In this post, we are going to answer the question ‘what is health assessment’ and under which circumstances it may be required.


What Is Health Assessment?

You may be required to have a health assessment before starting a new job when emigrating, as you get older, or to establish if you are at risk of certain health conditions.


Types Of Health Assessments Performed By General Practitioners


Brief health assessment

A brief health assessment is a simple assessment that can be completed in 30 minutes or less.


Standard health assessment

A standard health assessment is done when a patient needs a more substantial assessment than a brief health assessment and does not present with complex health problems. This assessment takes between 30 and 45 minutes to complete.


Long health assessment

This type of health assessment is extensive. It is done when the patient has complex health issues. It takes between 45 and 60 minutes to complete.


Prolonged health assessment

This is a complex health assessment that is carried out when a patient has long-term health needs that need to be managed by an extensive preventative health care management plan. This assessment may take longer than 60 minutes to complete.


Health assessment for cardiovascular problems

These health assessments are carried out when a patient has cardiovascular disease or is at risk of developing cardiovascular disease.


What Tests Are Included In Health Assessments?

There is quite a bit of variance in health assessments, depending on your stage of life and any symptoms you present with. The assessment is usually a longer appointment with general practitioners and nurses and may include

  • health assessment potts pointAsking questions about your state of health and family history
  • Doing blood tests or other tests and scans
  • Lifestyle advice on weight loss, exercise, quitting smoking and reducing alcohol intake
  • Beginning medications to manage diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol
  • Referrals to specialists to help you manage health conditions.


During the appointment, the general practitioners may


What To Expect After The Assessment

Based on the outcomes of the tests you have done, your GP may make further recommendations to help you live a healthier lifestyle or refer you to other specialists for assistance. If your GP makes lifestyle recommendations or prescribes medication, you can expect to return for a follow-up visit so he or she can evaluate your progress.

A health assessment is done to help you improve your quality of life. For more insight into ‘what is health assessment’ or to schedule an appointment with us, please contact us at (02) 9358 5221.



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