Our Services

Men's Health

Our Potts Point GP offers comprehensive advice on all aspects of men’s health issues to support you or your partner, whatever their age.

Women's Health

A wide range of women’s health services, including cervical screening/pap smear,  contraceptive advice, and Implanon insertion and removal.

Children's Health

Our Potts Point doctors see newborns to 12-year-olds for developmental milestones, common illnesses, vaccines, and coughs & colds.

Mental Health

Our Potts Point doctors offer their non-judgmental services to patients seeking help with anxiety, stress management, negative thoughts and any mental health concern.

Chronic Illness Management

We are committed in helping our patients who are diagnosed with chronic illnesses improve their quality of life to the maximum.

Sexual Health

Our Potts Point GP offers counselling, examination and testing in regards to the sexual and reproductive wellbeing of patients of all ages, genders and abilities.

Family Planning & Antenatal Care

We also specialise in helping expectant mothers take care of their yet born children by providing top quality antenatal care

Cervical Screening

The practice provides both cervical screening (previously known as pap smears) on location to guarantee a procedure that is safe, effective and private.


We can help you vaccinate yourself from various illnesses and diseases to ensure you keep yourself and your community healthy

Preventative Medicine/Health Check

Preventative medicine aims to protect, promote and maintain good health and well-being, which is what the Doctors at True Health Medical are all about!

Skin Checks

The general practitioners at True Health Medical have experience and expertise in identifying skin disorders.

Aged Care

As we age, specific health conditions can develop and need medical support. Our doctors are experienced in this area and are dedicated to helping you maintain your independence for as long as possible.

Medical Cannabis

Medicinal cannabis is eligible for patients with chronic (ongoing) or terminal health issues, who don’t receive relief from other types of treatment.

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Our Services:

  • General Health
  • Child & Family Health

  • Women’s Health

  • Children’s Vaccinations

  • Family Planning

  • Cervical Screening/ Pap Smear
  • Immunizations

  • Mood Assessment

  • Weight Management

  • Skin Checks
  • Chronic Diseases

  • Sexual Health Check

  • Minor Ambulatory Procedures