Sexual Health Check Up

We provide sexual health check-ups to ensure the safety and protection of yourself and of those you have sexual relations with. It is recommended that you visit your doctor every six months if you are sexually active.

Who Needs a Sexual Health Check Up?

A sexual health check-up may be advised if any of the following applies to you:

  •  you might have an STI
  •  your partner has recently had an STI
  •  you have had unsafe sex or had a condom break or fall off during sex
  •  your partner has another sexual partner
  •  you have more than one sexual partner
  •  you have shared needles for drugs, tattooing or piercing
  •  you are starting a new sexual relationship
  •  you are concerned about some aspect of your sexual health

Most STIs have no symptoms, so regular testing will ensure you are diagnosed and treated early.

What to Expect During the Sexual Health Check Up:

Our doctors will consult with you prior to examination to grasp an understanding about your sexual circumstances and then examine you, if needed.

During the consultation, we simply ask questions about your sexual history to work out which STIs to test for and give you information about how to keep yourself safe.

What happens during an STI test?

There are different types of STI tests. The type you should have will depend on your individual situation. You will be asked some questions to assess your risk to determine what tests are needed.

If you have any concerns about a physical examination, please discuss these with the doctor. Our doctor can explain what will be involved.

In some cases, you may just be asked to provide a urine sample for testing. In other cases, blood tests or throat swabs, anal swabs or vaginal swabs may be needed, depending on the STI test.

Once results come back from the laboratory, we will notify you to make a follow up appointment.

Remember that if you are sexually active, it is important that you take precautions of your own health and the health of others by using protection such as condoms.

Be Assured, Your Information is Confidential

We are bound by privacy and confidentiality laws. So, everything that occurs during the consultation will be kept confidential and not shared with anyone without your consent.

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